Campbell, Ms Pamela M.

Personal Information
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Kennel Name/s: HARROWAY
Profession: IT & Telecommunications
Web Address/es:
Language/s Spoken: English   

 Have been a hound exhibitor since 1976. Enjoyed some success with bassets and beagles until 1988 when my first whippet arrived. I have owned/bred multiple Best in show winning whippets, with emphasis on shape and movement. I now show and occasionally breed whippets in partnership with my good friend Mr Steve Warry.

I am an ANKC Licensed All Breeds Judge, first Licensed for Hounds in 1991 and have judged in all Australian States and Internationally.

Judging Qualifications and Experiences
Judging Qualification/s: All Breeds
Breed Specialisation: Beagle, Whippet, Hounds
Speciality Show judged for: Beagle, Cocker Spaniel (English), Saluki, Whippet
Licensed by: Australian National Kennel Council
Countries judged in: Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, Denmark
Judging Since: 1991
Fremantle Dog Club  (Past Member)
Junior Kennel Club  (Past Member)
Whippet Association Of Victoria  (Current Member)
Whippet Club Of NSW  (Current Member)
Vice President Dogswest (The Canine Assoc Of WA)  (Committee Member)
Whippet Club Of WA  (Current Member)
Seminars and Presentations

Whippet Lecture in WA Training scheme 2008

  Future Judging Appointment/s
  Date of Show
  Darling Downs Kennel Club
  14 January 2017
  Australia (Queensland)
  Groups 2 5 6 and 7
  Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club of WA
  27 June 2015
  Australia (Perth)
  Working Dog Club of WA
  14 March 2015
  Australia (Perth)
  Clifton Kennel Club
  14 February 2015
  Australia (Queensland)
  Utility and Non Sporting and Best in Show
  Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club
  14 February 2015
  Australia (Queensland)
  Ladies Kennel Club
  17 January 2015
  Australia (Perth)
  Working Dogs.
  Perkin Jaya Indonesia
  15 November 2014
  Indonesia (Jakarta)
  1st FCI APAC Championship Show
  Echuca Kennel Club
  8 November 2014
  Australia (Echuca, Victoria)
  Various groups and Best In Show
  Port Pirie Kennel Club
  5 October 2014
  Australia (Port Pirie, South Australia)
  Multiple Shows, all breeds and Best In Show
  China Kennel Club
  12 April 2014
  China (Xian)
  Various breeds and Best In Show
  Burnett Kennel Club
  18 January 2014
  Australia (Wondai, Queensland)
  Toys, Gundogs and Utility Best in Show first show
  Dog of the Year Committee
  21 December 2013
  Australia (Brisbane)
  Non-Sporting group
  Non Sporting Dog Club Amenities Show
  1 December 2013
  Australia (Perth)
  Waimakariri Kennel Association
  26 October 2013
  New Zealand
  Terriers, Hounds, Gundogs and Non Sporting and Best in Show
  China Kennel Union
  6 April 2013
  China (Nanking)
  Various breeds
  South Taranaki Kennel Centre
  1 December 2012
  New Zealand (South Taranaki)
  Working, Non-Sporting and Best In Show Terriers & Utility
  Singapore Kennel Club
  19 August 2012
  To be confirmed.
  Wangaratta Kennel Club
  24 June 2012
  Australia (Victoria)
  Toys, Hounds and General Specials Gundogs and Utility
  Bundaberg Canine Club
  8 April 2012
  Australia (Queensland)
  All Groups over 2 shows: Best In Show on 9 April.
  Non Sporting Dog Club Amenities Show
  17 March 2012
  Australia (Perth, Western Australia)
  Working Dogs
  JKC Kanagawa Block Council
  5 February 2012
  Japan (Tokyo)
  To Be advised.
  Morwell Traralgon Kennel Club
  12 November 2011
  Australia (Victoria)
  Hounds & Working Dogs
  Show Dog Handlers Club
  10 September 2011
  Australia (Darwin, Northern Territory)
  All Breeds Show
  Mareeba & District Kennel Club
  4 September 2011
  Australia (Cairns, Queensland)
  2 4 & 5 General Specials
  Mareeba & District Kennel Club
  3 September 2011
  Australia (Cairns, Queensland)
  Groups 1 3 5 & 7
  All Breeds Dog Club
  21 May 2011
  Australia (Perth, Western Australia)
  Group 6 and Best In Show specials
  Port Pirie Kennel Club
  23 April 2011
  Australia (Port Pirie)
  All Breeds and Best In Show
  Ladies Kennel Club
  15 January 2011
  Australia (Perth)
  Group 7 & Best In Show
  Shetlend Sheepdog Club of Thailand
  5 December 2010
  Thailand (Bangkok)
  All Breed Dog Shows and Best In Show
  American Stafford Champion Dog Show
  4 December 2010
  Thailand (Bangkok)
  All Breeds Dog Show
  Cocker Spaniel Club of WA
  7 November 2010
  Australia (Perth, Western Australia)
  Speciality Show
  Whippet & Greyhound Club of South Australia
  4 September 2010
  Australia (Adelaide)
  Whippet & Greyhound Specialty
  Hedland Dog Club
  29 August 2010
  Australia (Port Hedland)
  All Groups and Best In Show
  Cohuna A P & H Society
  20 March 2010
  Australia (Cohuna, Victoria)
  Groups 4 & 7
  Cohuna & District Kennel Club
  19 March 2010
  Australia (Cohuna, Victoria)
  Groups 1 and 2 and General Specials
  All Breeds Dog Club
  12 December 2009
  Australia (Perth)
  Sighthound Club of WA
  29 November 2009
  Australia (Perth)
  Utility Group & General Specials
  Tamworth Kennel Club
  3 October 2009
  Australia (New South Wales)
  All Breeds
  Pure Breeds Protection Committee
  29 August 2009
  Australia (Perth)
  Tennant Creek Kennel Club
  11 July 2009
  Australia (Northern Territory)
  All Breeds
  Kyogle Kennel Club
  12 June 2009
  Australia (Murwillumbah)
  All Breeds
  Ladies Kennel Club
  17 January 2009
  Australia (Perth)
  Utility Group
  Canine Stewards Association
  21 June 2008
  Australia (Western Australia)
  Working Dogs
  Shetlend Sheepdog Club
  25 May 2008
  Australia (Western Australia)
  Bathurst District Kennel Club
  9 May 2008
  Australia (New South Wales)
  Toys, Gundogs, Hounds, Working & Utility